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Example-Driven Development

10 minute read


Example-Driven Development is superficially like Test-Driven Development, where you drive development by constructing test methods that return example objects. It sounds simple, but it actually changes the development process in several fundamental ways.


Teaching Moldable Development

11 minute read


Moldable Development is a way of developing software in which you build many, small custom tools to solve problems. This implies new tools and new associated skills. As with any new way of thinking, teaching can be challenging. In this session we go draw lessons from our experience of teaching Moldable Development in practice, including how it changes the teaching experience itself.

Mind the gap — 50 years of shortening feedback loops

26 minute read


On the occasion of the 50th BATbern event, it occurred to me that it has been roughly 50 years since I started programming. In that time I’ve seen quite a few advances in Software Engineering. I’d like to take this opportunity to reflect on how these advances have not only shortened feedback loops in software development processes, but also how they have enabled new possibilities for innovation.