From 1994 to 2021 I taught numerous courses in the areas of programming and software engineering at the University of Bern.

Please see the SCG Teaching page for a list of courses and course evaluations. You can also find archives there of PDFs of the slides. Much of the course material is available on GitHub under Creative Commons licenses. You will find links to the repos on the same page.

Guest lectures

Since then I have continued to give occasional guest lectures on topics close to my work interests.

A bit of Smalltalk

Guest lecture, University of Bern, 2024

This guest lecture for the Bachelors course, Programming 2 (introduction to object-oriented design) taught by Timo Kehrer, was given on May 20, 2022 at the University of Bern, and repeated on May 12, 2023 and May 9, 2024. The lecture consists of a live demo of the Smalltalk programming language in the Glamorous Toolkit environment. The lecture relies on a demo of the Ludo game which was the subject of students group work during the course. During the lecture we see two alternative implementations of the game and how their internal implementation is visualized and documented in the environment.

PEGs, Packrats and Parser Combinators

Guest lecture, University of Bern, 2023

This was a guest lecture held on April 6, 2023, and again on April 9, 2024 for the Masters course on Compiler Construction offered by Timo Kehrer at the University of Bern. The lecture provides an introduction to Parsing Expression Grammars, as a well as a live demo using the PetitParser framework to build an interpreter for a toy programming language.