Oscar Nierstrasz

Oscar Nierstrasz is Professor emeritus of Computer Science at the University of Bern, where he founded the Software Composition Group in 1994. He retired from the University at the end of 2021, and is currently working at feenk.com to support onboarding and teaching of moldable development. He is co-author of over 400 publications, including the open-source books Object-Oriented Reengineering Patterns and Pharo by Example.


Teaching Moldable Development – blog post based on a talk presented at ESUG 2023.

Mind the gap — 50 years of shortening feedback loops – blog post based on an invited talk at the 50th BATbern event.

Upcoming events

PC Member of SLE 2023 (ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Software Language Engineering — Cascais, Portugal, co-located with SPLASH 2023 Oct. 22-27, 2023)

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